About Together Now:

Together Now, Inc. is a Not For Profit Corporation intended to provide professional development growth, skills, experience, and connections to young people. In our first year we have an aggressive outline to achieve our first Together Now Internship Program.

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Company Description:

To establish an organization that will create and/or facilitate programs providing young people with exposure to professional development skills in a wide variety of career and study paths. This will be done through classroom-type instruction; internships and externships with local businesses; visits to a variety of work sites; and small group meetings with individuals currently working for companies or for themselves in entrepreneurship settings. The programs will be of various lengths, offered in multiple locations and occur at different times throughout the day, to maximize the number of youth who will be able to take advantage of them.

Together Now Internship Program (TNIP) 2017:

Our mission is to provide Syracuse City School District students with internships that expose them to a variety of career opportunities that will inspire their passion for entrepreneurship.

Our first program is set to begin July 2017. We plan to connect Syracuse school students with local businesses while providing workshop instruction in a six-week intern and professional development program. The goal of this program is that the students will gain the skills and connections necessary to facilitate their own career goals as they endeavor beyond high school.

For 2017 we plan to register 20 Syracuse City School District students for the inaugural Program. Our goal is for each student to receive a stipend of $2,000 and a Centro pass.

We hope to utilize space in different locations throughout the Syracuse community in order to host a professional development workshop one day a week throughout the six week program. These workshops will feature guest speakers along with a workshop curriculum that will advance the personal, professional, and entrepreneurial development of the students. Working with our partner businesses, the youth will intern three to four days a week. They will learn the skills necessary to be successful within their industry and as a individual.

It is our hope that through our program we can provide city youth with opportunities for their future. Our stated goal is to inspire a passion for a career, invoke a sense of entrepreneurialism, and deliver the necessary skills and connections to gain a prosperous future.

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