Mission Statement:

To provide Syracuse City School District students with internships and workshops that expose them to a variety of career opportunities that will inspire their passion for entrepreneurship.

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About the Together Now Program:

Together Now is a start-up Non-Profit Organization that is committed to helping Syracuse inner city youth. Our goal as an organization is to facilitate a 6 week program in which kids ages 16-18 are taught professional development skills in a classroom/workshop setting one day a week, while providing an internship experience with local businesses. It is our hope that through our program we can provide city youth with opportunities for their future. Inspiring a passion for a career, invoking a sense of entrepreneurialism, and delivering the necessary skills and connections to gain a prosperous future. Our mission statement is "Together, we can make a difference Now." because we truly believe a community working together can make a real difference right now in the lives of this generation.

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In the News:

Together Now was featured in the Central New York Community Foundation NEWS, A News Blog of the Central New York Community Foundation.

"In the City of Syracuse, a whopping 34% of residents live below the poverty line, compared to 15.5% nationally, according to the American Community Survey. This local crisis is inspiring people to take action – and get creative – to help our residents succeed and thrive. Enter Together Now, a new grassroots nonprofit organization aims to turn the tides on this trend by helping low-income youth succeed in work and school, both contributing factors to breaking the cycle of poverty."

Read the full story here.

From left to right: Nick Paro, Jon Clark and Sam Roberts II were featured in the February Edition of the OCC Aumni blog.

"Paro, Clark and Roberts recently formed Together Now, Inc. It will focus on offering paid internships and personal accountability management training for students in the Syracuse City School District (SCSD) between the ages of 16 and 18."

Read the full story here.

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